Occupational Health and Safety During the Pandemic Period

pandemic safety

The most important occupational safety topic in the production sector, which continued to work during the pandemic period,  was to keep the risk of infection of employees to the lowest level. Production environments generally have high ceilings, well ventilated and in many cases  allow people to be at a safe distance from each other. However, it is not possible to talk about the same situation for social areas outside the production area where employees spend certain periods of time.  Changing rooms, toilets, dining halls and relaxation areas are areas where people socialized and were heavily located in normal times. Naturally, strict compliance with certain rules in these areas, monitoring violations and data to help filiation in case of infection are of great importance.

Adaptation to new situations

Although we work on location-based occupational safety, terms such as pandemic, social distancing, contact,  filiation have recently entered our lives.  Data such as how much time people spend in which regions and who is in that region are kept in the system for reasons such as efficiency and security. This particular case showed that I could get important information by looking at existing  data from a different perspective.  We were able to report risky situations or even send instant alerts by checking how many people   were together in one area for how long.

Generating additional benefits from existing infrastructure

Special equipment, which is rapidly launched for social distancing in the pandemic, operates with limited functionality without a centralized system. In real terms, the benefit can be achieved by monitoring these situations within the institution. Institutions that use DOKO solutions can monitor regional density and filiation  through their existing infrastructures without any additional investment during the pandemic  period. Thanks to the centralized software running over the cloud, they can define regions on new monitoring and report screens commissioned in June 2020 and be aware of densities exceeding a certain period of time. These features do not create any additional hardware, software costs or installation needs for DOKO customer organizations.

Towards the beautiful days

DOKO  infrastructure is a solution where you can continue the benefits it offers for worker health and safety during the pandemic period in the post-epidemic period in terms of productivity, workplace and worker safety. Your investment is not short-term or periodic, but will produce benefits in matters that will always be on the agenda of the production and service sector.