Take full control of team
and task management

It is a serious challenge to know, in real time, if your support personnel like cleaners and security guards, are at their designated post on time and whether they completed their planned tasks.


Time Based Work Schedules


Employee Task Assignment


Employee Step Count and Fatigue Analysis

Increased Productivity

  • Compare your resource planning with actual data.
  • Properly manage the people and teams that you know work with different performances.

Operational Process Monitoring

  • Are there as many people in critical areas as they should be?
  • There is an increased activity in a certain area!
  • Everyone is in the building but how many of them are not where they are supposed to be?

Workplace Safety & Employee Well-Being

  • Create a safer and more humane working environment by monitoring changes in physical performance.
  • Know if people are in areas unsafe for them.

It is hard to tell the actual time and effort your employees put in for work, by just merely recording work and recess timestamps.  With the help of wearable technology, DOKO makes analysis of real time data from your production and service processes possible.

DOKO helps you check the accuracy and efficiency of your processes by correlating real time activity data with work output, enabling you to evaluate the running of your processes according to predefined rules. In addition to increased productivity, it also provides measurable output on issues such as workplace safety, employee well-being and customer satisfaction.

Do you want to increase your productivity with DOKO solutions?