Maximize workplace safety and security with real time location tracking of visitors

If you are using legacy access control systems, you don’t have anf information other than entry and exit times

Location Information

  • Track the location of people in the facility without an extra effort like card reading.
  • Real time location monitoring of temporary workers and visitors.

Restricted Area Monitoring

  • Get notified, when visitors and temporary workers are within dangerous as well as unauthorized areas.
  • Generate timesheet reports for the activity of temporary workers within the facility.


  • Get notified about personal emergency situations with panic button on the badges.
  • Track lone workers and visitors in case of long inactivity.

DOKO VISITOR, In addition to the entry-exit time information of the people in the organization, you can have all the information you need for workplace safety and security management such as information about where the people are, how long they stay in which areas and unauthorized zone alerts.

DOKO VISITOR provides the necessary information to reach the person who may be in danger as soon as possible by determining the location of the people in emergency situations. Panic button informs the location of the person calling for help or the last point of the person who is not present at the assembly point in general emergencies in the facility.

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