Maximize productivity and
safety in the workplace with
real time location tracking

If you are using legacy timesheet tracking and access control systems, you don’t have any information other than entry and exit times.


Four people detected in the meeting room


Unauthorized Access Detected


Employee Presence with Badge Beacon

Employee Timesheet

  • Track your employees clock-in and clock-out times without the hassle of card reading.
  • Measure the time spent in recess, interruptions and work areas.

Location Information

  • Track the location of people in the facility
  • Create an effective communication environment based on location


  • Make sure that visitors are in designated areas in the facility.
  • Get notifications if there are certain number of people in certain places.
  • In case of an emergency, direct the closest security personel to the location.

Workplace Safety

  • Get alerts when people are in places unsafe for them
  • Track lone workers in case of long inactivity and fall detection
  • Locate people in emergency situations.

Monitoring the location and activity of people like visitors, members and employees, provides valuable data for performance and security management within the buildings and facilities. Labour intensive location based operations could be optimized easily by only monitoring the activity in real time. In addition to increased productivity, it also provides measurable output on issues such as workplace safety, employee well-being and customer satisfaction.

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