Doko Contact


Solution for real-time human density monitoring and filiation processes during infectious disease periods

You don't need complicated and expensive solutions to ensure the continuity of your business and the health of your employees

Human Density Notifications

  • The maximum occupancy rates can be defined for each zone individually.
  • When the maximum occupancy rates are reached and remain at this level for a specified period, the system generates an alarm.


  • The time spent by infected people in the same area with other employees is reported.
  • You can make risk analysis using the filiation reports.

Proactive Planning

  • By checking the density of the zones over a time period, planning and shift modifications can be revised.
  • You can update security equipment and update the procedures in accordance with the risk level of associated zone.

DOKO Contact monitors compliance with the density of people where safe distances can be maintained in environments. In cases where the density increases and continues for a period of time that may pose a risk, it warns the relevant business units and people.

You can monitor how the density changes in the facilities on a time axis and arrange shifts and business plans to reduce risk.

When infected people are identified, you can identify employees to be isolated immediately or tested based on who they work in the same areas retrospectively and how much time they spend with infected people.

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