Increase customer satisfaction with
digitalization of cleaning processes.

Customer perception about a company’s image is adversely effected when cleaning processes were not handled properly.


Scheduled Assignments


Door Sensor


Complaint Button


  • Activities are monitored and classified as cleaning and control depending on the time spent in the area by the cleaning personnel. Actual activity and cleaning plan is compared.
  • Accurate planning is ensured by measuring the frequency and intensity of actual toilet use by counting the door opened.
  • Imperfections are monitored and corrected instantly.

User Feedback

  • If there is a problem with the toilet cleaning, users can report the situation with the non-contact button on the toilet.
  • Response time can be measured after notification.

Service Quality Measurement

  • A performance grade is calculated based on the criteria set by the customer regarding the performance of the cleaning personnel and the cleaning status of the toilet.

DOKO CLEANING provides an efficient cleaning task tracking system by digitizing task schedules. You can reduce the management effort of your team managers and enable them to manage larger teams.

You can monitor the disruptions in the task schedules and the intensity of toilet usage and make unplanned assignments. In the case of emergency situations requiring immediate intervention, you can direct the nearest and appropriate cleaning personnel.

Your customers and employees can get feedback about cleaning, and you can learn about the physical condition of your toilets with IoT sensor data.

In-house operation or a service company, you can share the processes of cleaning processes in a transparent manner with your customers and employees.

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